Sunday, August 13, 2006

US Navy Hyperbaric Tables in Metric

We received a question concerning operation of a new Hyperbaric chamber in an island nation. Good questions were asked that might be beneficial to others who are opening or running chambers calibrated to the metric system.

"I am concerned with getting a copy of the USN tables for treatment in metric, so far no luck, do you know of any links, although it is not a problem shooting anyone down to 60ft (18m), I really would prefer if the instructors and nurses all had metric tables in front of them as this is a metric machine, even the manufacturers had a hard time finding any.

Another question, not related to diving, but hyperbarics, is how would a doctor go about prescribing treatment for a diabetic injury? We know it is around 30 treatments of 30 minutes, but is there a reference for this anywhere, though there is now a trained staff, I feel it is going to be "my baby to bathe and care for", so I had better find as many refrences and texts as I can before it becomes official.

Any ideas?


Marine Manager


Here is the British Hyperbaric Association tables for recompression that has the British Royal Navy tables in meters. These are comparable to the USN tables. .

Also, here is a web site that gives extensive background and rationale in the use of HBO in the treatment of diabetic [and other non-healing] wounds, as well as it's use in approved conditions other than decompression illness. .

I hope this is helpful!

Ern Campbell, MD