Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mater Dei Hospital to be equipped with hyperbaric chambers

Diving interest on Malta and Gozo has intensified over the past several years emphasizing the need for facilities for early recompression of diving accidents. This article gleaned from the web shows that the people of the islands are doing something about the problem.

Mater Dei Hospital to be equipped with hyperbaric chambers

by Ruben Cassar, dive news

VALLETTA, Malta (dive news) -- August 28, 2006 -- 1605CEST -- Two new hyperbaric chambers to be used in the Mater Dei Hospital have arrived in Malta from Germany.

The main function of a Hyperbaric Unit is to provide elective and emergency baro-medicine treatment and also tutorials and practical training in baro-medicine.

These chambers are used to manage certain medical conditions and to treat divers who may encounter difficulties whilst diving. The Hyperbaric Unit at Mater Dei Hospital is designed to house three decompression chambers.

One of the new chambers is a Low Pressure Chamber, the second is a High Pressure Chamber while a third Hyperbaric Chamber is presently used at St. Luke's Hospital and eventually is to be transferred to Mater Dei Hospital.

Once at the Mater Dei Hospital the three chambers will be installed on a raised flooring to allow for the supply of cables and other services. In the same area, there is a control console for the personnel managing the chambers.

The two chambers costing €1.6 million and weighing 55 tons and 15 tons respectively are expected to arrive at the hospital on Monday evening.

The installation of these chambers is expected to start early on Tuesday morning.