Thursday, August 24, 2006

Links and Articles That Might Interest You

Here are some links and news items that I found particularly interesting and thought that I'd pass them on to you.

---In the Divernet 'News for Divers' there is an article about a quadriplegic who reaches the highest level in diving certification. Titled "Wheelchair Diver Reaches Highest Level", it can be seen at this link: .
More about Disabled Divers at .

---We found this story on the BBC News website and thought you should like to read it.
Isle of Man | Divers urged to be more careful
** Divers urged to be more careful **
Divers are urged to take more care off the Manx coast following a spate of dangerous incidents.

---Here is an unusual occupational diving job that I found to be interesting.
"Getting TANKED"Diving crew checks out Cornelius’ water facility and comes up with a smidgen of sediment
By Mateusz Perkowski
The Forest Grove News-Times Aug 16, 2006

---In Scientific there is a section called Ask The Experts. This article purports to answer the question that many have asked: "How do deep-diving sea creatures withstand huge pressure changes?"