Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Free magazine, "X-ray" now online

X-Ray Mag #12 is now online! and ready to download. The magazine is free/complimentary

From the cool blue wilderness of the Canadian high Arctic (by Louise Murray) to the red hot deserts of Jordan - from Beluga whales close to magnificent wrecks. Also in this issue lots of Ocean Art including Chihulys Seaforms. We have a talk with photographer Kurt Amsler and AP Valves' Martin Parker. Cedric Vedier dives 200m on CCR in Thailand and Cindy Dale explore caves in Bosnia. Technique: Leigh Cunningham tells why we should watch our partial pressure and Jason Heller and Dan Beecham explains how we can rig your photogear. + Lots of other news and new gear too - as always.

Click here to go to our download-page (pdf) ◄ (that's : www.xray-mag.com/article/193 )