Monday, July 03, 2006

Interesting Articles

Some interesting articles off the beaten path.

Human Diving Response
The human diving response in a functional and comparative perspective
Erika Schagatay, Associate Professor
Department of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Highway Traffic Science
For the past six weeks I have been doing a lot of highway travel and have been puzzled at the way traffic flows - freely in some places and suddenly almost to a standstill for no good reason. here is an article that purports to explain this phenomenon.

Scientific American Frontiers - PBS: Super people, Weight of Water
Dr. Claes Lundgren, Director of the Center for Research in Special Environments at the University of Buffalo Medical School, studies what happens to the human body during flight, space travel and diving. According to Lundgren, the high water pressure divers experience at extreme depths can injure the heart and lungs in a number of ways—some of them lethal.

Occupational Safety and Environmental Health
Articles on the University of Michigan Occupational health and Environmental Health web page. Articles are by Lee Somers, Karl Huggins and Larry "Harris" Taylor and encompass a wide array of subjects that are guaranteed to keep your interest.