Friday, July 14, 2006

DVD from GUE About Decompression Illness

Like to get your information on a DVD? Tony Rue with GUE sends us this information about Decompression Illness:

"You might be interested in the latest diver education DVD from Global
Underwater Explorers. "The Mysterious Malady: Toward an Understanding
of Decompression Injuries" is a series of interviews with the leading
researchers from Duke's Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, DAN, the
NEDU, and GUE. The program is general enough to appeal to the
recreational diver interested in learning more about what happens to
the body during a dive, yet also has enough information to hold the
interest of the most advanced of technical divers.

From the website: "Decompression techniques are skills to be
cultivated as you progress through dive training, yet this experience
is best framed by a solid understanding of the nature of
decompression and its associated injuries. Global Underwater
Explorers is pleased to present the first in a series of educational
DVD's designed to greatly expand one's knowledge of decompression and
its associated maladies. This DVD emphasizes an overview of
fundamental decompression concepts and the injuries associated with
decompression stress."

Anthony Rue "

More about Decompression Illness at