Friday, July 07, 2006

Dominica Chamber to be Installed

The Times Newsletter of Dominica has an article that relates information about a new recompression chamber just arrived and being installed. Funded by the European Union and the Government of Dominica as part of the Dive Improvement Program, the chamber will be a huge boost to both the hospital and dive industry of the island.

From the inception of the Dive Industry, the Dominica Watersports Association depended on the French West Indies for these services.

In addition, the chamber will also be of immense benefit to the health care system in Dominica and is equipped with an oxygen generator sufficient to supply the oxygen needs of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The manufacturer contracted to construct and install the chamber will be arriving in Dominica next week to effect installation as well as to provide technical training to the medical staff and to certified instructors of the Dominica Watersports Association, The objective of the training program is to ensure proper use of the chamber as well as effective staffing and maintenance.

The hyperbaric chamber will be housed at the Princess Margaret Hospital.