Friday, June 02, 2006

X-Ray Magazine

June issue (#11) of X-Ray Magazine is now online!

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Marcelo Mammana takes us to Patagonia in his native Argentina. Also we are going to take a look at one of the smaller Canary Islands, El Hierro - contributed by Jerome Hingrat

Leigh Cunningham
"The Wake Up Call". Leigh takes us back to some of his own early learning experiences

Cosmetics for divers:
Sun and saltwater doesn't always do wonders for your skin - unless you protect it. We got six full spreads of feel-good products for you

Cameragear in the luggage vs. the weight scale at check-in. Dan Beechham tips us off on getting all our stuff past the stern lady at the airlines counter and onboard and safely to the destination

Corals and Global warming.
- Can they survive? How do the adapt?
- Building reefs on the Maldives
- Crossing the Atlantic on a Russian oceanographic vessel.
- Ocean's Conveyor Belt"

Patrick Chevalier

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