Friday, June 02, 2006

Skandalopetra and Kalymnos Island, Greece

Thank you for everything you offer to us in your web pages.

I am practicing in the compression-decompression chamber in Kalymnos island hospital (a 2200 by HAUX, nearly 3 yrs old) where l see some many dysbaric osteonecrosis in old and young professional divers. This facility is helping divers since 1974-75. And of course hyperbaric 02 sessions are a routine for and upon medical indications.

In this site you can see how the traditional sponge "hunting" and "harvesting" was performed..

My job is in Thessaloniki, I am chief for ICU in Agios Demetrios hospital but l thought a six month relocation would be thrilling. And it is. So far.

Always your fan


Alexandros LIOLIOS M.D

ICU-Agios Demetrios hospital

Temporally located in Hyperbaric Chamber
Kalymnos hospital.
Alexandros LIOLIOS M.D
Kalymnos HBO2