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Undercurrent Online Update for Subscribers, April 28 e-mail

Undercurrent Online Update for Subscribers

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April 28 email:

Those Equipment Warranties: We're doing a piece on warranties and wonder how valuable they are to our fellow divers. So would you be so kind as to email me with your thoughts? Do you consider warranties when you decide between brands? Have you found requirements to keep the warranties effective difficult? Have you ever had service or repair of equipment under warranty rejected? Have you bought on line and had problems getting a warranty honored? Please send any thoughts to me at

Get Your Fish Photo on an Official US Postage Stamp: And you don't have to win a contest to do it. The US Postal Service has teamed up with private enterprise to allow you to create 39 cent stamps with any image you want (well, no body parts, no Hitlers, no smut). But, they're pricey: $17.99 for a sheet of twenty, nearly a 300 percent markup. Still, they're fun. Upload any shot you want at

and let that favorite angelfish photo wing a letter to your family or friends.

We Need Your Help to Stop Poaching: In southern Belize, the 133-island marine reserve is managed by a small nongovernmental organization with private funds. A ranger station there has led to a decrease in the illegal poaching of manatees and other marine species, but rogue fishermen -- some from Honduras -- target these reserves under the cover of darkness. The reserve is underfunded and fuel costs are making it impossible to patrol the area regularly. The rangers say they can stop the poachers if they get money to repair and outfit their sailboat for silent overnight patrols; they can catch gill-netters illegally fishing the breeding grounds, arrest and prosecute them. The rangers would even overnight on the cays to nab the poachers. You can help them launch their boat by going to and clicking where it says donate. Your donation is fully tax deductible and you will receive a letter thanking you for the specific amount donated to keep with your IRS records. Every penny you give will go directly to the rangers. Stop the slaughter of manatees and gamefish. If divers don't save the reefs, who will? Thanks for your support.

The DAN/SSS Chamber Legal Dispute. The two parties have just reached a settlement in their recent legal action. DAN America insurance is once again accepted at SSS network chambers as a result of the resolution of the outstanding claims that were the basis for the lawsuit. The terms of the settlement remain confidential.

Milking Frequent Flyer Programs: Sometimes, whether we take a dive trip, especially beyond the Caribbean, depends on whether we can get a free airline frequent flyer ticket -- or get an inexpensive ticket and upgrade. Trouble is, programs are complex, seats are limited, and you might not have enough miles. I found the new book, Mileage Pro, the Insiders Guide to Frequent Flyer Programs, very useful, with plenty of new tips: like how to move miles from one airline into a hotel program than back into another airline program. Why not pay for a cheap flight (and get more miles) and use the miles for another reward? How and where to find the most available seats. Last minute strategies. And how plain old charm can get you what may not seem available. $19.95. Click for more information and to order. Undercurrent gets 10% of the purchase price, which will go to the Belize antipoaching program.

Coming Up in the May Issue : Wind Dancer, Tobago; Camp Kri, Papua, Indonesia, Saba Banks, Treated like a novice on Grand Cayman, Great diving on Christmas Island, Fine new beach hotel with own dive operation on Grand Turk, and the Spirit of the Solomons; Nekton Pilot plays reservation roulette; Aging aluminum tank explodes -- many still in service; Cayman coral crises; Reverse diving profiles reconsidered; Computers that penalize properly for reverse dives; Medical tests of drugs divers take reveal underwater hazards; When divers get benched for medical reasons and how to avoid it; Divers, the Internet and the Industry -- why online scuba shopping is popular ( Part I); Drink beer to save the reefs, Alabama court lays claim to river artifacts, Cruise ships overwhelm Belize waters, dive shop owner convicted of being a peeping tom, and much, much more.

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Ben Davison, editor/publisher

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