Sunday, May 28, 2006

UHMS Information from Don Chandler

Included in this email is information on the following:

1. Election Results.
2. Annual Award Recipients.
3. Our Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando.
4. Forty Years of UHMS History.

1. Election Results.

President-Elect: Dr. Laurie Gesell
Vice President: Dr. Simon Mitchell
Secretary: Dr. Takkin Lo
Members-At-Large: Dr.'s R.W. "Bill" Hamilton, Kevin Hardy, and Thomas Bozzuto
Treasurer: Dr. Bob Warriner will remain in office another year because our members voted (this year) to change the term of office from one year to three years.

2. Annual Award Recipients.
Albert Behnke Award: Dr. David Pendergast
Charles W. Shilling Award: Dr. Eric Kindwall
Carolyn Sue Ray Memorial Award: Jim and Susan Joiner
Paul Bert Award Dr. Neil Hampson
Craig Hoffman Memorial Award: (Will publish this recipient's name after he is informed)
Oceaneering International Award: (No Nominees)
The Link Foundation Stover-Link Award: (No Nominees

3. Our Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando. Thanks to many of you, we have exceeded our block of rooms at the Hilton at Disneyworld in Orlando. We have just over three weeks before activity begins for us so there's still plenty of time for you who have not registered for the meeting to do so and to arrange for lodging. Even though the deadline for the reduced rate at our two hotels is past, I suggest that if you try to make reservations at either the Hilton or the Grosvenor and are told the blocked rooms are full, let Lisa know before you try other places and she may be able to work some "magic" for you. You can telephone Lisa at (410) 257-6606 Ext 104.

As all of you know our outgoing President and our incoming President pass the gavel in a symbolic gesture of passing the leadership of our Society from one to the other. This usually happens at the awards banquet, but this year it appears that there will be a passing of the gavel underwater. If arrangements can be made, it will take place in the Disney aquarium and Dr. Lin Weaver will pass the gavel to Dr. Bret Stolp. Donna Uguccioni from DAN is setting it up. We don't know just when the dive will take place, but we will place an announcement on our board for such things at the meeting...check it if you would like to witness the dive. Passing the gavel underwater will make a great photo! I hope I can attend.

For those of you who will be attending the meeting, don't forget that, in addition to three days of scientific presentations, we have two great pre-courses, another class on preparing for facility accreditation, a post course sponsored by ATMO, and a Medical-Legal post-course that addresses Medical Fitness to Dive and the Practice of Hyperbaric Medicine. Surely, you won't want to miss these!

4. Forty Years of UHMS History. I am putting together a booklet that summarizes our forty years as a Society to pass to each of you who attend our 40th anniversary meeting next year in Maui. I have 36 pages of information so far, thanks to several who have contributed and to some of our old files. Dr. Weaver has asked our Past Presidents to provide a paragraph of what they deem as the most significant event during their term of office. I plan to take the paragraph and paste it beside their picture. Thus our Past Presidents will be highlighted in the booklet. I thing such is appropriate because it has been their leadership that has molded us into what we are as a Society...oh, sure, they didn't do it alone, but if you remember your leadership classes, "Delegation is the first sign of good leadership." Our Past Presidents were not only outstanding in their own right, they had good leadership qualities as well.

What I would like to get from any of you is this: If you know of a bit of history associated with our Society, whether serious or otherwise, please send it to me to include in this booklet. Normally, I identify the persons who wrote bits and pieces, but if you don't want to be identified as the author, please let me know and I will list your input as "anonymous author." Please send me your memories and anecdotes about the Society.

That's it for now, members. I hope to see you in Orlando!