Saturday, May 06, 2006

Space Station Users Guide

While researching a topic I found this very interesting web site concerned with routine and emergency medical management on the International Space Station. Management of simple problems become quite complicated in the zero gravity and pressurized environment of the station. The web site can be accessed from the link above and each diagnostic item can be downloaded in PDF.

International Space Station Integrated Medical Group (IMG) Medical Operations Book All Expedition Flights, Mission Operations Directorate, Operations Division, JSC-48511-E1, 24 August 2000 [Acrobat]
This 371 page document describes various procedures ISS crew members follow in the operation of crew health systems and the routine sampling of the ISS environment for chemcial and biological contaminants.

Routine Medical Procedures

Pregnancy Test
Ear problems
Dental: toothache
Dental: dislodged tooth
Dental: tooth extraction
Dental: temporary filling
Dental: injection technique
Dental: exposed pulp
Dental: crown replacement
Back pain
Ear /sinus blockage
Kidney bladder infection
Motion sickness
Mouth ulcers - stomatitis
Nasal congestion
Pain relief
Sinus problems
Skin infection
Skin rash
Upset stomach
Vaginal yeast infection
Sore throat
Strains and sprains
Urinary retention
Nausea and vomiting
Hearing assessment

Specific Emergency Medical Procedures

Behavioral: Suicidal - Emergency
Behavioral: Suicidal
Behavioral: Acute Psychosis
Behavioral: Acute Psychosis Emegency
Chest pain
Collapsed lung
Toxic spill
Abdominal injury
Analphylaxis /severe alleric response
Breathing difficulty
Chest Injury
Contaminant cleanup
Eye - toxic exposure
Head and neck injury
Skin: toxic exposure
Decompression sickness
Eye - chemical burn
Eye - corneal burn
Eye - bacterial infection
Eye- herpetic infection
Eye - object abrasion
Eye - object penetration
Broken bone
Kidney stones
Shock - circulatory collapse
Sleeping medication overdose
Smoke inhalation
Suture and staple removal
Laceration repair
Russian medicine side effects
CHeCS medicine side effects
Abdominal pain
Altitude sickness