Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Diving With Disabilities - Adaptive Scuba Association

Bryan St. Germain writes:
"I saw Ernest S Campbell's "diving with disabilities" page at
If you're interested in updating it, here's a more-recently-published article on adapted diving. Click the embedded link.

Under The Sea

By Barbara McDermott

“Awesome!” “Diving is like being in space. I can float in one spot, and swim wherever I want to go.” These enthusiastic sentiments are from disabled SCUBA divers."

I expect there will be much more in the press soon--a large group of
adapted divers are meeting in Nassau June 1-5. I'll be there as an
instructor who specializes in adaptive scuba, and there are some video and
print reporters attending as well. One of the sponsors of the event is
SSI's Platinum Pro Foundation - you can see their article on the event by clicking the embedded link.

You may already know that mainstream certifying agencies are adding
adaptive scuba certifications to their programs, thanks primarily to the
long-term efforts of Gain Wong and the Adapted Scuba Association (Toronto,
Canada - 416-534-2527). SSI and YMCA have programs in place, and I hope to
see both PADI and CMAS make announcements soon.

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