Friday, May 05, 2006

DAN Awards Instructor Trainer Dan King for Excellence in Training

Dan Leigh sends this information from DAN:

The 2006 recipient of the DAN Excellence in Training Award is Dan King,
owner of Diver Dan's in Santa Clara, Calif. Long an advocate of DAN training
programs, King has issued more than 600 Instructor and Provider
certifications since he became a DAN Instructor Trainer in 1996. He amassed
134 certifications in 2005 alone.

King also stresses the importance of DAN Training to his entire staff by
requiring them all to be recognized as Diving Emergency Specialist (DES)

"DAN programs have become the standard of safety and care for scuba divers
worldwide," King said. "Every instructor, divemaster, boat operator or dive
professional should be trained in each of the DAN programs. Given the
inherent risks of scuba diving, there is absolutely no reason for dive
professionals to needlessly increase their risks of liability by not being
trained in the programs that are viewed as the standard of safety.

"At our facility in California we require all our Instructors to teach all
of the DAN programs and offer them regularly. If you are a store owner or
chief instructor this should be your standard as well. Join the philosophy
of 'Divers Helping Divers.'"

This is the third year for this award. All DAN Instructors and Instructor
Trainers are eligible to receive the Excellence in Training Award. Previous
recipients of the award include Sam Godley and Jim Brandt.

In addition, three DAN Instructor Trainers and Instructors were recognized
for achieving training milestones. Robert Murray has issued more than 750
certifications and Scott Taylor and Michael Steidley have both issued more
than 500 certifications. Annually, DAN awards Trainers and Instructors who
reach a milestone in the previous year. Awards are given for 1000, 750 and
500 certifications.

In February DAN Training sent out 128 certificates, recognizing DAN
Instructor Trainers and Instructors who issued more than 25 certifications
at the Instructor and Provider levels in 2005.

All these award numbers are based on course rosters submitted to DAN. For
more information on this award, contact DAN Training at 1-800-446-2671 in
the U.S. and Canada or call +1-919-684-2948 ext. 555.


For more information on this release, contact DAN Communications at
+1-919-684-2948 ext. 626.