Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Complimentary copy of new edition of Ocean Realm Journal

Seldom do we get 'free' offers that are worthwhile - but here is a chance for you to receive a complimentary copy of an extremely well done magazine, "Ocean Realm Journal ", published by the Ocean Realm Society. This is being offered to our Ten Foot Stop mailing list subscribers by Richard Stewart, Publisher/Editor in chief, and is for US residents only. Subscribers outside the US can receive the magazine but must prepay the air mail postage, which is $12. The new edition of Ocean Realm is off the press but will not arrive in the US until June.

Ocean Realm Journal brings it's member readers a variety of informative and entertaining articles covering ocean sports, ecology, travel, education, ocean art, adventure, science, antiquities, exploration and world expeditions.

Ocean Realm Journal combines a vast mix of tantalizing stories and large breathtaking color images that take you to the far corners of the world's oceans from the comfort of your easy chair.

With the publishing of the Ocean Realm Journal like-minded people are brought together, from all over the globe, who believe to play on and in the ocean's realm you must adhere to the concept of Respect and Protect!

The Ocean Realm Society invites you to reserve your complimentary copy of the new edition of the Ocean Realm Journal. Now with over 100+ pages of high quality images and articles the Journal is the leading publication for Ocean and Dive Adventures.

To preview the new addition simply visit and click on PREVIEW N2. This is a complete PDF version of the print edition.

To reserve your complimentary edition, send your name and address to PLEASE NOTE again that this offer is for U.S. residents only. As the international air mail postage is $12, anyone outside of the U.S. can receive a complimentary copy by pre-paying the postage. Payment options will be provided upon receipt of order.