Saturday, April 22, 2006

UK Coast Guard Diving Accidents

UK Diving fatalities down, but accidents up (From the

The 2005 figures for open water diving accidents reported by HM Coastguard reveal that while fatalities are down from 2004, the overall number of accidents has risen slightly. During 2005, HM Coastguard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres reported a total of 254 open water diving related accidents, and these incidents ranged from cases of decompression illness and medical emergencies to broken down vessels.

Thirteen fatalities have been recorded, with one case reported 'previously missing' (body found of a previously missing person). The greatest single incident category remains decompression illness (DCI) which accounts for 70 incidents alone, with a further 45 attributed to rapid ascent, which may have developed into DCI. Medical emergencies also accounted for 27 which may not have been diving related but arose from a pre-supposing medical conditions.

These statistics relate to only those in which HM Coastguard coordinated Search & Rescue or was involved. National Diving statistics including both open water and inland diving together with detailed analysis, are available from the BSAC ( who is the National Governing body for UK Sport Diving.

The south coast of the UK again saw the highest number of accidents reported reflecting its popularity and accessibility as one of the premier diving areas in the country.

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