Sunday, April 16, 2006



Dr. David Elliott writes us about an advanced course to be presented in association with the medical subcommittee of the European Diving Technology Committee (EDTC) and the North Sea Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC). He comments that this is for people who already have a good basic knowledge of the subject (eg preferably recognised as medical examiners of divers or as HBO doctors): 20 hours theory and 20 hours practical.

The functional objectives of this advanced course are directed towards the medical management of all types of diving illnesses and accidents at all depths. It is for doctors who have a duty of care for divers and will be an intensive 40-hour course at Level IIa of the ECHM and EDTC requirements towards competence in diving medicine. It will be recognised by the International Marine Contractors Association as appropriate worldwide for doctors with responsibilities for working divers. It is also advanced training for military medical officers.

The week will be recognised towards meeting essential requirements leading towards the degree of BScMedScHons (Underwater Medicine), a distance learning course of the University of Stellenbosch: details from <>.

Application for CME/CPD is being made to the Royal College of Physicians. This is recognised for professional development in occupational medicine and in all hospital specialties and has also been sufficient for equivalent recognition in many other countries.

Candidates need to have a prior understanding of the basic principles, should have attended an introductory course equivalent to EDTC Level I (medical examiners of divers). Some personal experience of diving is an advantage but not obligatory. The course will include practical sessions in diving and with recompression chamber, so candidates should meet the fitness requirements

Rob van Hulst, the Senior Diving Medical Officer of the Royal Netherlands Navy will be the Course Director supported by naval divers and diving officers and with a teaching faculty including Hans Ornhagen, lately Director of Research, Swedish Defence Research Agency, and David Elliott, Civilian Consultant to the Royal Navy.

The Tuition Fee will be €1,500 if paid by before 10 September 2006, and after that date €2,000. Candidates are responsible for their own travel and living expenses.

Full details on the course and accommodation are available from:

Diving Medical Centre, Royal Netherlands Navy
PO Box 10.000, 1780 CA Den Helder
The Netherlands
Tel: 00-31-223-653214; Fax: 00-31-223-653148