Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Divegeek's Dive Link Recommendations

We are lucky to be on the mailing list of Larry "Harris" Taylor, PhD aka 'divegeek' who has complied a monumental list of links to diving (and other things of intesrest).

Here are some of his latest recommendations:


This month's additions, re-appearances, and bunches of updated/re-directs this month to my list of about 8000 links at

( the dive only links section of this list is at: )


Australian Ichthyology Museum:


Charter Net:

Commercial Diving Directory:
Deep Diver:

Hudson River Maritime Museum:

Beyond the Blue:

Water Environment Research:

Naval Special Warfare :
Navy SEAL Strike:

Deep Sea 3D:

Deep Ocean Expeditions:
NOAA Ocean Explorer:

Deep Image:
Cylinder Buoyancy:
Dive Planning Tools:

U.S.A dive site locator:

Sea Hunt :

All Archaeology:

Dive long and prosper,