Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DAN and SSS Issue Joint Press Release

We received an email from Dan Orr, President of DAN concerning a joint news release from DAN and SSS located on DAN's web site. This is a most welcome note indicating that the impasse between the two entities has been resolved and settled. Here is the note from DAN:

"Divers Alert Network (DAN) and SSS Network of Recompression Chambers (SSS) Joint Press Release

Divers Alert Network (DAN America) and clinic members of the SSS Network of Recompression Chambers (SSS) announce that they have reached a settlement in the recent legal action. Representatives of SSS announce that DAN America insurance is once again accepted as a result of the resolution of the outstanding claims that were the basis for the lawsuit. The terms of the settlement remain confidential. The SSS Network of Recompression Chambers and DAN America pledge to work closely together to ensure that injured divers will receive the most appropriate and effective medical care."