Friday, April 21, 2006

Cuba Moves Ahead in Hyperbaric Medicine

Cuba Moves Ahead in Hyperbaric Medicine

There is a conference about hyperbaric medicine that is going on in Cuba at this time. In the province of Sancti Spiritus the Cuban Society of Hyperbaric Medicine and Undersea Activities (SCMHBAS)is closing a meeting today (April 21, 2006) attended by experts from Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and Peru.

Every hospital on the island is provided with hyperbaric oxygen services. In several of these facilities, hyperbaric chambers are indeed multipurpose units in which patients in critical conditions have been treated.

Participants in the conference are analyzing the use of hyperbaric techniques in the treatment of ulcers, graftings, diabetes, herpes zoster, chronic arterial deficiency and other illnesses.

Cuba is well supplied with hyperbaric facilities - there being a chamber in every hospital in the country.

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