Monday, March 20, 2006

Woman: Toxin Still Powerful Years Later |


Dr. Omar Sanchez sends us a link about a woman who had ciguatera and who still is symptomatic years later. This can be read in the "ledger" at this address:

The following is information that we have on our web site about this toxin and the condition it can cause.

* The toxin, icthyosarcotoxin, is heat stable, lipid soluble and comes from the dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus. It is common in the tropics, concentrated up the food chain and is seen in eels, red snapper, amberjack and so forth.

* Symptoms: vary, the usual onset occurs in the first 12 hours and can last for ten to twelve days. The GI symptoms are followed by myalgias, arthralgias and paresthesias. There is the heat/cold reversal phenomenon and this is supposed to be diagnostic. Neurological symptoms may take months to resolve and occasionally may be permanent. Symptoms are aggravated by alcohol and by eating a fish only slightly affected.

* Treatment: nonspecific, primarily supportive. Suggested treatment has included calcium gluconate, corticosteroids, atropine, vitamin B, pyroxidine, amitriptyline and mannitol. Mannitol treatment is 250 cc 20% Mannitol (1mg/kg), this usually relieves the neurological symptoms in minutes and the rest of the symptoms in 3 days.


* There is now a product that tests fish for the toxin.
The Cigua-Check product has added some changes. These are highlighted below...

The company name has changed from Oceanit Test Systems to ToxiTec, Inc.
They offer only a three (3) test kit size, retail price is $24.99US
They now offer scientific and research test kits in sizes as low as 24 tests
They can customize a test kit for your specific needs.

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