Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Interesting links on the Internet

As we update our Diving Medicine Online, answer questions and maintain our forum, 'Scuba Clinic', we run across many interesting web pages that we feel you might be interested in seeing. Here are a few that we have saved and present in no particular order.

Coagulation May Be Activated by Prolonged Air Travel

From Journal of Travel Medicine
Traveler's Thrombosis: A Systematic Review
Posted 06/30/2005

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4. Boussuges A, et al.
Activation of coagulation in decompression illness.
Aviat Space Environ Med. 1998 Feb; 69(2): 129-132.

Medical Talks could appeal
Divernet News for divers

The Diving Medicine 2006 conference, to run on 23/24 March in Shrewsbury, could be of interest to sport and particularly technical divers.

Organised by the United Kingdom Sport Diving Medical Committee, the event covers such subjects as fitness for diving, heart PFOs, asthma, diabetes, DCI treatments, and the physiology and medicine of technical diving.

The venue is the Shropshire Education and Conference Centre. Full details,

IMAX Film gets up close to marine life - Divernet

Ghostly coral bleachings haunt the worlds reefs - Yahoo News

[Central nervous system involvement in patients with decompression illness]
Medline Abstract of an article

[Acute decompression illness following hyperbaric exposure: clinical features of central nervous system involvement] Medline Abstract of an article

Neurological manifestations in Japanese Ama divers.

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Noise and Diving