Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Donna Uguccioni joins DAN's Renée Duncan and Betty Orr on the Women's Dive Hall of Fame

Donna Uguccioni, DAN dive physiologist and research coordinator, has been named to the Women's Dive Hall of Fame (WDHOF). She received the honor at Beneath the Sea 2006 at a meeting of the WDHOF.

Dan Orr, DAN President and CEO, commended the naming of Uguccioni. "Donna has been a major contributor to our research effort and certainly deserves the recognition as a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame,” Orr said. “We, here at DAN, are all proud of her accomplishments."

A DAN Member since 1992, Uguccioni is the safety organization's dive physiologist and research coordinator. She has conducted research on women and diving for DAN; she has coordinated the DAN diabetes and diving project (1997-2000); she co-coordinated the DAN/UHMS Diabetes and Diving Workshop at UHMS (2005); she co-edited the DAN/UHMS Diabetes and Diving Workshop Proceedings (2005)).

Added Richard Vann, Ph.D., DAN Vice President for Research: “We are really pleased for Donna to receive this honor which she earned through her fine work in the office, in the field, and in the chamber, all toward improving the safety of all divers.”

She conducts the DAN Research Internship Program (2000-2006); contributes to and co-edits DAN Annual Diving Report (1995-2005); she coordinates Project Dive Exploration, which represents all DAN research efforts in the field, including studies of dive professionals, technical diving, seasickness and ear barotraumas.

Uguccioni is a chamber, Doppler and TTE technician for DAN research projects at the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology.

At DAN, Uguccioni has also written or contributed to numerous abstracts and publications and she has contributed research-based articles to Alert Diver magazine. She becomes the third active staff member to be so named. Renée Duncan and Betty Orr also are members.

Her specialty dive certifications include PADI Advanced, Rescue and Dive Master; TDI Nitrox Diver; and NOAA/NURC Scientific Diver and Dive Master.

Her 10 First Aid certifications include N.C. EMT; PADI Medic First Aid; DAN Oxygen Provider, Oxygen Instructor and Instructor Trainer; NBMHMT Certified Hyperbaric Technician; and International Board Undersea Medicine Diving Medical Technician.

Her professional memberships include:

* Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS)
* Professional Association of Underwater Instructors (PADI)
* American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS)
* Cambrian Foundation (scientific underwater exploration)
* Global Underwater Explorer's Club (underwater exploration)