Tuesday, February 28, 2006

United Companies Brownie's Third Lung Experiences Increased Interest in Its Nitrox Maker(TM) System

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/28/2006 -- United Companies Corporation Subsidiary Trebor Industries Inc. dba Brownie's Third Lung (OTC BB: UCPJ) is preparing to install another of its Nitrox Maker™ systems on a luxury yacht. In the last year, Brownie's has experienced increased interest in this onboard Nitrox generation unit as general knowledge about the advantages of diving Nitrox becomes more recognized worldwide. Divers who use Nitrox instead of standard compressed air experience many advantages including reduced post-dive fatigue and reduced risk of decompression sickness when diving conservatively.

Brownie's Nitrox Maker™ is a modular system, which aids in installation of the unit and makes it relatively easy to operate. To select a gas mixture, the operator simply uses the dials on the unit to choose the desired oxygen percentage for the final mix. The Nitrox Maker™ uses two independent oxygen analyzers to ensure the accuracy of the final mixture. The gas produced can either be used to fill scuba tanks directly or stored in a series of high-pressure tanks for future use. All of the components of the Nitrox Maker™ are encased in a King Starboard® cabinet that allows for easy installation and an attractive finish.

Brownie's custom designs each Nitrox Maker™ to accommodate personal diving needs and the vessel's available space. Many existing air compressor systems can be upgraded to include a Nitrox Maker™, offering the numerous benefits of diving Nitrox, without the need to invest in a new air compressor. Brownie's also offers a full line of air compressors systems that can be upgraded to include the Nitrox Maker™.

Brownie's designs, builds and installs diving solutions from floating recreational hookah diving systems to a full-line of state-of-the-art air compressors and mixed-gas blending stations. For more information on Brownie's Third Lung, please visit us online at www.browniedive.com and www.tankfill.com. Stock Symbol: (OTC BB: UCPJ).

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