Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Book, Dangerous Marine Animals, Recognition, first aid and prevention

We have received a note form one of our long-standing newsletter subscribers, John Serton, who has written a book about dangerous marine animals - titled "Gevaarlijke Zeedieren. Herkenning, eerste hulp en preventie". [Dangerous Marine Animals, Recognition, first aid and prevention]

Here is his note and a pdf flyer concerning his new book written in conjunction with a biologist. The book is in Dutch.


Hello Ernest,

Together with a biologist I have written a new Dutch language book on dangerous marine animals called "Gevaarlijke Zeedieren. Herkenning, eerste hulp en preventie".

It is a prizewinning (Scienceprize of the Dutch National Dive league NOB/CMAS) book with a medical-biological aproach on the subject. With how to recognize the animal, first aid and prevention. It has over 200 references of scientific articles and books of experts like Fenner, Burnett, Williamson etc.

We write about sponges, jellyfish, sea-urchins, stingrays, sharks, stonefish and several other fishspecies to seasnakes, seacrocodile and mammals.
It has become the standardwork for the Dutch Navy.

It has over 300 great and interesting pictures of seacreatures and wounds inflicted by them. 200 full color pages and a luxury hard-cover. See flyer at http://scuba-doc.com/GZFlyer.pdf

To order:
- www.cosmiczebra.com
- books@cosmiczebra.com
- +31-(0)40-2116363

We also do lectures on this topic.


John Serton
Author Gevaarlijke Zeedieren


For more information about this subject, go to our web pages at http://www.scuba-doc.com/hzrdmrnlf.html