Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hyperbaric Study of Brain Injury, LDS Hospital

There is an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about a study at the LDS Hospital to determine whether hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective in treating a range of brain injuries including those from stroke, hypoxia resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning, cardiac arrest and trauma. They request patients suffering from "brain injury' contact them.

LDS Hospital researchers are exploring whether a treatment used for wounds and carbon monoxide poisoning has any clinical value for those suffering traumatic brain injuries.

Patients who undergo the therapy are administered 100 percent oxygen in an enclosed chamber at pressure two to three times greater than normal sea level pressure. (Hyperbaric oxygen)

LDS Hospital is offering hyperbaric oxygen to people with brain injury who meet other qualifications. For instance, patients must be an adult and the injury at least one year old. Currently, there are about 10 people at various stages of the study, but the researchers want to enroll at least 30 more.

Anyone interested in this study can call the LDS Hospital Hyperbaric Medicine Center for more information at 801-408- 3623 .