Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top Thirty Sites Visited on Scubadoc's Diving Medicine Online
This is the home page for Scubadoc's Diving Medicine Online. It contains links in drop down windows to the entire web site and offers easy and intuitive access to the large volume of information available about diving injuries and physiology. There is extensive information about assessment for fitness to dive.
This site is the main page for our forum/board for asking and answering questions about diving medicine. Answers are provided by a highly qualified cadre of moderators who give up to date advice and information on a broad range of subjects.
This page provides easy to read information about the poisonous sea snake of the Indo-Pacific. It contains links and photos of the air breathing reptile. Visited frequently by school kids foe homework.
ENT difficulties are probably the most frequently seen of all diving maladies. Visited often, this page gives basic information about diving problems associated with the ears, sinuses and nose.
Patent foramen ovale is being studied for it's probable role in causing unexpected decompression illness.
A web page about the moray eel with a photo. Visited often by school children for class homework.
An extensive web page with in-depth information about the possible results of a lifetime of diving. An article written for Medscape.
A page about shark injuries and management.
Part I of a two part article about decompression illness written for Medscape.
Questions from divers with answers.
A web page with information about risks of diving while on anticoagulants.
Skin problems and diving.
Dive Accident Management
Article about exercises for development of the abdominal muscles written by Dr. Jolie Bookspan.
Nitrogen narcosis
Exercises for the travelor in his/her hotel room.
Index page for diving injuries involving gases; such as oxygen toxicity, nitrogen narcosis, decompression sickness, etc.
An article about mitral valve prolapse and diving.
Extensive material about diving and the eye.
Shallow water blackout.
Sea sickness
Some simplified information about the physics and diving.
Marijuana and diving.
Spontaneous pneumothorax and risks for diving
Article by Jolie Bookspan, PhD, about ways to relieve back problems.
Endocrine difficulties and diving - including diabetes.
Information about asthma and diving
Marine Life that is hazardous to divers. Injuries and management.
Middle ear barotrauma, probably the most frequent of diving maladies.
Box jellyfish and dangers. Photo.