Wednesday, November 30, 2005

UHMS News from Don Chandler - Four Important Matters

To all--

So those of you who are interested in the following issues can do some advance planning the following announcements are important:

1. UHMS/NOAA Physician Course date change. Due to a heavy workload during the fall at the NOAA Diver Training Center, the date for the next UHMS/NOAA Physician's Course had to be changed to 10-21 July 2006. This will require those of you who want to attend the course to get your applications in much earlier than in previous years. Because of this three month change, the only way we at the UHMS home office can support it for 2006 is to accept the applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. That is to say we will accept the first 30 applications we receive rather than waiting to receive all the applications and sending them off to Dr. Morgan Wells for his review and selection. We are not sure at this time about course dates for years beyond 2006 but will let you know as we learn about future schedules.

2. Next Fitness to Dive Course is in Charleston, SC 16-19 March 2006. The next very popular Fitness to Dive Course will be held in beautiful and historic Charleston, South Carolina on the dates listed herein. Lisa is currently arranging for a venue and we will let you know all the details as soon as we have a contract. You can apply be going to our website scrolling down to the box about the course, click where indicated and it will take you to where you can get an application...either for on-line registration or by fax or by regular mail. March is a great time of year to visit Charleston, SC, what with the great spring weather there and with the azaleas in bloom. Please sign on for this course soon.

3. Plan to attend our annual scientific meeting in Orlando. As I write this, our Scientific Meeting Planning Committee is meeting with Lisa and the convention managers of the Hilton Hotel at Disney World in Orlando, Florida to look at our meeting spaces and to make final arrangements for our annual meeting there in June. We are planning a joint effort with Divers Alert Network and SUNY Buffalo for a two-day pre-course on Breath Hold Diving that will be held on 20-21 June. We will also be offering a hyperbaric medicine pre-course entitled "How to Get Paid and Stay Out of Jail" which will be held on 21 June. Our Associates will be planning a pre-course so far as we know at the moment (will let you know more about this later). Following our annual scientific meeting June 22-24, we will be offering a post-course "Medico-Legal Aspects of Fitness to Dive" (morning session) and "Medico-Legal Aspects of Practicing Hyperbaric Medicine" (afternoon session) which is scheduled for Sunday, 25 June. We will also be partnering with ATMO for a 25 June post-course entitled "Inspection, Maintenance, and Documentation of Chamber Acrylics." We will also be conducting our annual "How to Prepare for Facility Accreditation" that Tom Workman teaches (more details later on this). As you can see, we will have lots to offer this June. Plan to be will not be disappointed.

4. The UHMS 40th Anniversary Meeting in Maui, Hawaii, 14-16 June 2007. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Resort at Kapalua, rated as one of the two best in the world, is the location for our 2007 annual scientific meeting. We will celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Society with several special events, none of which you will want to miss. And the cost to our members? Better than we could have possibly imagined when we started looking for a place to have our 40th anniversary meeting. Lisa has negotiated garden/golf/mountain view rooms at this 5-star resort for $215 per night, partial ocean view at $240 and ocean view at $265. She has also arranged for 20 rooms at the 2007 government per diem rate ($160 this year) for military, government employees and our Associates. Usual rates for these rooms range from $265 to $415 per day. The room rates as negotiated will be honored by the Ritz Carlton three days prior and three days after the peak nights of 13-15 June. Lisa has negotiated a bargain for you here and you can take advantage of it...our estimated savings from just the complimentary suites and no resort fees currently stands at $41,300 and will be more when the cost for the per diem rooms is set. Plans are still in the works for pre- and post-courses but we will be offering a pre-course entitled "Are Asthmatics Fit to Dive?" and will be updating our own publication of the same title from the proceedings. We are looking for someone to take the lead in arranging another ever popular Dive Expedition as we did in San Diego and Australia...if you are interested, please let me know.