Monday, November 28, 2005

PSDiver Monthly and The Wet Gazette WILL be delayed

Mark Phillips, Publisher of the PSDiver Monthly and 'The Wet Gazette' magazine, has the following on his web page.

"We have been severly affected by hurricane Rita. We may be down for a month. The next issue of PSDiver Monthly and The Wet Gazette WILL be delayed. We will send the next issues out as soon as we can.

Mark was forced to miss the International Police Divers Symposium and was unable to present his paper on Auto Recover and Related Underwater Crime Scenes. He will also miss DEMA. These two events are crucial to the existance of PSDiver Monthly and is where we gain new sponsors.

If you know of a company who is actively working or promoting safety in equipment, training or otherwise relative to Public Safety Diving, Police diving or Water Rescue, please send us a referral and we will contact them directly. We need sponsors to keep going. We can use your help with this. Email us at