Monday, November 28, 2005

New Corporate Member Designation, UHMS

The UHMS Board of Directors met in Durham, NC on Friday, October 28, 2005. One of the Board’s actions was to create a separate Accredited Corporate Member category for accredited facilities. Prior to this action, accredited facilities received a complimentary one-year general corporate membership as a benefit of accreditation. Accredited facilities will now receive the following benefits:

---Accredited Corporate Membership for the duration of their accreditation period (three-years)
---A plaque suitable for display in a prominent location of the healthcare facility
---A quarterly report from the Board of Directors highlighting Society activities related to regulatory issues, reimbursement, Fiscal Intermediary communication, etc.
Note: Communication will be directed to the healthcare facility senior management, not the Medical Director of the hyperbaric facility to keep the leadership of the organization current with issues related to the practice of hyperbaric medicine
---An electronic copy of Pressure
---Expanded facility information on the UHMS website to include contact information, category of accreditation (Level One, Two, Three), etc., thus making the listing more beneficial to patients and referring physicians
---Authorization to use the UHMS logo on stationery, marketing brochures, etc., indicating that the facility is accredited by the UHMS
To accommodate these new benefits, the accreditation survey fee will be $4500 for all applications for survey received after January 1, 2006. Other accreditation fees remain unchanged.


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