Friday, November 18, 2005

NAUI and GAP Team Up On Diving Software

From Alp Maritimes Sports Newsletter V5N9-A

"It is with great pleasure we inform you that a strategic alliance has been struck between NAUI and GAP. Now the world’s best decompression software has a version that is NAUI specific. GAP uses the RGBM fully-fledged decompression program for both technical and recreational dive planning. This revolutionary Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) decompression algorithm model was developed by Dr. Bruce R. Wienke. NAUI-GAP with RGBM can be used for recreational, nitrox and mixed gas decompression dive planning; any dive, any gas, and depths up to 153 m/500 feet.

NAUI-GAP RGBM's graphical user interface (GUI) is both user friendly and efficient. For speedy input of a data, a spreadsheet-like input is also available. The new improved GUI supports on-the-fly deco gas selection (including PPO2 setpoint settings for CCR), a quick review of the dive plan and a tissue compartment information review.

NAUI-GAP RGBM Dive Planning software:

• features the classic, complete version of the RGBM program.

• supports dives with open circuit and constant PO2 rebreather.

• supports custom Nitrox, Trimix and Heliair mixes and suggests optimal mixes for a given dive.

• supports metric and imperial units.

• supports multiple gas switches during the dive and decompression.

• utilizes templates for personalized settings.

• generates extensive reports about the dive, including decompression, oxygen tracking, END and gas consumption.

• easily generates bailout tables.

• profile editor provides either graphical or textual output

• has a Table Expert tool which allows you quickly to generate square profiles for many dive depths/durations at the same time.

• has a Gas Mixer tool that uses partial pressure blending.

• can output the information to paper or in HTML or CSV files.

With NAUI-GAP RGBM, you can change the dive parameters, e.g. ascent rates, available deco gases or altitude settings and make a series of dives with any profile.

Clique on and scroll down the front-page to the GAP link.'