Sunday, October 02, 2005

Undercurrent Email Update

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September 27, 2005


LAST Call for Chapbook Reports: We need your report for the 2006 Chapbook. Complete an online form at Or, you can email me the report at Be sure to include your name and hometown. The deadline is Friday, September 30!

Free Nitrox and the World's Best Diving: Larry Smith's fine live-aboard, Adventure Komodo, makes 14-night trips to Indonesia's Raja Ampat and Banda sea areas. Book through Dive Discovery, let them know you got an email from Undercurrent and Nitrox is on the house. Dive Discovery Travel, (800) 886-7321, (415) 444-5100, or email Check their website for plenty of other fine dive journeys.

Ever Been Diving with Stan Waterman? Many Undercurrent readers have joined him on one of his scores of live-aboard adventures. Stan's the father of underwater film making, and his work includes the classic Blue Water, White Death, The Deep and many fine documentaries. Stan has compiled his work in a 320-page (32 pages of photographs) hardbound book, Sea Salt, Memories & Essays, and it's a great read for any serious diver. Get an autographed copy with a personal inscription from Stan by ordering it from New World Publications at But, you must order before October 30. If you've never dived with Stan, reading Sea Salt is the next best thing.

That Dangerous Boat Propeller: In the last three months, at least four divers have been harmed by boat propellers. A scuba diver in Palm Beach was 100 yards offshore when the prop of a speeding boat hit and exploded his tank . . . In Florida, a diver was killed by a hit and run boat driver . . . In England, a dive boat propeller cut off a 29-year-old scuba diver's left leg and severely injured his right leg. He was rushed ashore by other divers, where vacationing physicians treated his horrific injuries . . . And, at Coco View, in Roatan, after the boat captain gave a Tennessee diver the go ahead for a back roll entry, the dive boat swung over her as she bobbed to the surface. The propellor inadvertently engaged, gashing her arm to the bone. More about this in the October issue.

Got a Group That Wants to Dive YAP?: Margo Chornlesky, who owns World Dive, has a great special for 16 people at Manta Ray Bay Hotel. Buy eight spots, get eight free. In other words, two for the price of one. It's good through December 16, but you must book by the DEMA show, October 7. Visit her website _ _ for more info about this and other deals. Or call 1-800-433-3483 or

The Octopus: Oh, let us admire his many skills. If you haven't seen this clip of an octopus in an aquarium and a blue shark, you're in for one big surprise.

Hurricane Tracking: If you want to check the predicted path of a hurricane or cyclone before you climb aboard a flight for your next trip, you'll find the latest at and click on tropical/hurricanes. Nothing worse than landing at your destination, only having to catch the next plane back home. Surf the Weather Underground website for more weather information than you'll ever want to know.

Volunteer Divers Needed in Thailand. Dr. Jolie Bookspan, author of Diving Physiology in Plain English, has spent a month in Thailand volunteering her diving services to aid tsunami victims. She's looking for more volunteers, saying The Thais have been very brave since the Tsunami last December. Divers and snorkelers can help with many activities, including shallow water and beach cleanup, snorkelers too. If you plan to be in the area, extend your trip a couple days and help out. For information:

Special Trial Offer: Tell your buddies: $29.95 for four issues and the 2006 Chapbook. Go to Offer expires October 2.

Ben Davison, editor/publisher