Monday, October 17, 2005

Shawn Beaty's Death Not An Accident-Industry Is Asked for Help!

The death of well-known and popular dive industry figure Shawn Beaty is being investigated as a homicide. Your help with the investigation is appreciated! Family has offered a $25K reward for information.

Jerry Beaty and the entire Beaty family feel it is time for the dive industry -- which has been their extended family for so many years -- to know the truth about Shawn’s death. It wasn’t an accident. Shawn was brutally murdered in her home on the night of January 31, 2005.

Shawn had been in the dive industry for over twenty years. She was a founding partner of Sun and Recreation Sports, a company that represented many major scuba equipment manufacturers. On her own she created a successful dive travel agency, All Sun Tours. Upon selling these two companies, she was hired as the Classified Manager for Dive Training magazine. She quickly demonstrated her talents in advertising and sales and was promoted to Territorial Sales Manager of Mexico and Latin America. She pioneered these two territories with tremendous success. Her career was one of the most important achievements in her life – second only to her marriage and family -- and she was very proud of her accomplishments.

To learn that Shawn’s death was not a tragic accident, but a brutal cold-blooded murder, has been a crushing blow to Jerry, Shawn and Jerry’s children and their entire family.

Initially, investigators asked that Jerry not comment on the matter. However, months have passed without an arrest or any solid leads. It is clear that the investigation has stalled.

All those who knew and loved Shawn must understand that we can’t sit by and let her murder investigation be relegated to the “cold case files.”

We want answers. And we need your help. The family is requesting that you contact the Oklahoma State Attorney General to insist that every available resource be employed to find Shawn’s killer or killers and see that justice is served. Please email, fax or call the Attorney General:

District Attorney Emily Redman – District 19

Phone: 580 – 924 - 4032

Fax: 580 – 924 - 3596


In addition the family has issued a $25,000 for arrest and conviction of anyone involved in the murder.

Jerry wants to thank you for all the love and sympathy he has received during the last several months and to thank you in advance for your continued support in this matter.