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31st Annual Spring Meeting
El Ocotal Beach Resort & Costa Rica Dive
May 20-27, 2006 • 60 Divers • 30 Hours Category 1 CME

The 2006 Annual Spring Meeting will find us at Ocotal Beach Resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Costa Rica Dive, known for their legendary service, will handle our diving.
Costa Rica's North Pacific coast is the diving world's newest discovery. Few places in the world have waters with such varied and plentiful marine life. Costa Rica is known today as a unique dive destination, and not only for its marine life, but because of its many other attractions. Divers have the opportunity to visit National Parks, go white water rafting, sky trekking, zip lining or zipping, big game fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, swim on secluded beaches, enjoy breathtaking sunsets, warm star-filled nights, and feel welcomed by friendly Costa Rican people.

The Ocotal Beach Resort is a small luxurious hideaway where visitors can relax and enjoy the marvels of the Pacific Ocean in year round summer weather. Ocotal is only 2 miles from Playas del Coco, a quiet fishing village and vacations center, where guests can get a taste of local color and nightlife. Ocotal is also Costa Rica's premier diving resort. ISAM has reserved a special block of rooms that are hilltop full ocean view accommodations for our 2006 Spring Meeting. We have boats arranged for our group’s exclusive use during the dive week. Rolando Arburola, owner of Costa Rica Dive, will personally escort our group and dive with us in Costa Rica. We want ISAM members to personally experience the famous service of Costa Rica Dive. If you check out the scuba internet forums you will find Rolando's services highly praised.

The ISAM dive group has scheduled 3 days of local dives and 2 days of diving at Catalina Islands, which offers exciting pacific big animal action. These spectacular pinnacles are 14 miles from Ocotal Beach Resort. Mantas school here in large numbers between December and May. Monkey Head is a local dive site the ISAM divers will visit. Spotted Eagle Rays glide though here by the dozen. ISAM will dive Vidor, a singular rock formation, known for its giant morays and whale sharks. On most dives large schools of fish allow divers to swim freely among them. The local dive site, Punta Gorda, has been reported to have thousands of Cow-Nosed Rays swim by in columns. At the local dive site, Las Corridas, divers have come face to face with 200 to 300 Jewfish. At these same spots photographers may catch a tiny Sea Horse or Hawk Fish among the hydroids. On any of the dives with Costa Rica Dive you will be amazed by the tremendous variety of marine life and big pelagics in the water. The volcanic rock formations of Costa Rica’s northern gold coast provide a spectacular setting for some of the world’s best diving.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Kenneth Kizer, MD, will be featured as our keynote speaker. Ann Barker-Griffith, MD, of SUNY Upstate Medical University will conduct the scientific sessions. Dr. Kizer was once the highest-ranking physician in the federal Government and a recipient of the 2004 Gustav O. Lienhard Award, the topmost award given by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Kizer is widely credited as being the chief Architect and driving force behind the greatest transformation of VA Healthcare since the system was created in 1946. He served for five years as the Under Secretary for Health in the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Presently, he serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Quality Forum (NQF) in Washington, DC, where he has been voted one the "100 Most Powerful People in Health Care." Each year the Modern Healthcare magazine has been compiling this list. The NQF is a private, not-forprofit, corporation whose mission is to increase the delivery of high-quality American healthcare. Dr. Kizer is board certified in six medical specialties or subspecialties and is the author of over 350 articles, book chapters, and published medical reports. He is a former Navy diver and nationally recognized expert on diving and aquatic sports medicine, as well as a fellow of 10 professional Societies and several honorary organizations.

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6240 Turtle Hall Drive
Wilmington, NC 28409
(910) 452-1452 • FAX: (910) 799-5209
Sam the Dolphin
E-Mail: DivingDocs @ aol.com
Web Address: www.DivingDocs.org
Costa Rica Dive
The Best of Costa Rica
May 20-27, 2006
31st Annual Spring Meeting
Meeting will be filled with great diving and stimulating medical
lectures. We hope to see you there!
CONFERENCE OBJECTIVES: ISAM is an association of diving
physicians dedicated to the promulgation of diving medicine
information to physicians in the United States and foreign
countries. The conference will include the study of such
topic as underwater physiology, diagnosis and treatment of
decompression sickness, physical examinations for divers,
and the treatment of injuries caused by poisonous and venomous
COSTS: Per person/double occupancy (No airfare included in this price. All
prices subject to change). Air fare should be purchased into Liberia, Costa
Diver: ........................................................................ $1995.00 per person
Non-Diver: ................................................................ $1595.00 per person
Single Supplement: .................................................. $ 395.00 per person
Yearly dues to be current: ............................................................... $90.00
GROUP PACKAGE INCLUDES: 7 nights Hill Top Full Ocean View accommodations based on double occupancy, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Daily, Welcome Cocktail Party on Sunday evening, Airport Transfers from Liberia, Costa Rica, All taxes, 5 days of diving with 2 dives per day, 3 days of local diving, 2 days of, diving at Catalina Island, Gratuities to dive guides, 30 hours Category 1 CME
RESPONSIBILITY: ISAM, Traveler’s Choice, Ocotal Beach
Resort and Dive Operation and Costa Rica Dive assume no responsibility or liability
as to the safety, quality of conditions, nor for the act of any employee or agent of
any establishments, firm, person or entity furnishing such services, transportation,
equipment, substitution or unperformed services, nor assume any responsibility
or liability for the safety of any participating individuals while engaged in
underwater activities. All trip participants will be required to sign an ISAM/Traveler's Choice liability waiver.

Thanks in advance!

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