Friday, October 07, 2005

DAN Southeast Asia Paciifc + International SOS = local diving hotline

Dear All,

DAN Southeast Asia Paciifc has tied up with International SOS to provide us with an honest to goodness local diving hotline, effective 03 October 2005, as follows:

+(632) 632-1077

The operator will direct callers to any of the dive doctors on call for the day, who can be consulted for immediate medical advice. For DAN members with NON-DIVING EMERGENCIES, ALL EVACUATIONS, or if unable to access the above hotline, they are instructed to call DAN TravelAssist at +1-919-684-3483 (DAN US collect hotline). It will in turn coordinate with local agencies for the necessary logistics for medical care and/or evacuation. For non-DAN members, SOS itself can be contracted to provide such services.

Kindly disseminate the above information to other divers. Thank you all.

Yours in dive safety,

Ben Luna
DAN SEAP Philippines