Monday, September 19, 2005

Ultra lightweight flexible decompression chambers

Here is a letter we received from Alex Burnup of the UK concerning his design of an ultra lightweight flexible decompression chamber. We present this for your information only. The utility of such a product is obvious.

Dear Doctor Campbell,

I just found your 10 foot stop site by accident when I did a Google search, as your interested in HBOT and diving you may like to look at some of my work at

I design new ultra lightweight flexible decompression chambers, the current model weighs in at 66 lbs, but this is shortly to be reduced to around 55 lbs in production models, new models being worked on now will go as low as 17 lbs for a full air decompression rating with a full 2 times or more fail safety factor.

The site has 2 videos on it of the UK Navy testing, including the only ever destruction test of a chamber, which I should add failed at 12.6 bar above ambient,(183psi) when the stainless steel hatch buckled, later found to be caused by a poor weld, something soon rectified with the contractor who made it, so far we have never managed to damage the material part of the chamber and new versions will do away with the metal totally as being the weakest part of the design.

I hope you find the site interesting, at the moment I am looking for enough orders or a backer, either an existing company or an individual/individuals to set up a manufacturing plant in the USA, I seem to be getting plenty of interest from Australia and Europe but not much from the American side of the world, possible because of the belief amongst US divers that it will never happen to them, but we all know it does, I personally have used the chambers to rid myself of a Hospital Acquire Infection that very nearly killed me (8 months in Hospital), without the treatment which others in our team provided I would have died and still the staff at the hospital refuse to believe in HBOT as an effective anti bacterial treatment.

If you want any other info, just e mail, I will be glad to help out.

Yours Sincerely,

Alex Burnup


Tel:- 00 (44) (0)1622 817839



26 Kenward Road,
ME18 6JP