Friday, September 30, 2005

New Book on Underwater Digital Video

Steven Barsky has done it again! I have just received and read through his new "how to" book on underwater digital video. I wish that I had access to this excellent instructional manual some years ago when I ventured into the arena of underwater video during a trip to the Red Sea. I'm certain that my results would have been a lot less amateurish. Now, if he could just write something that would offer assistance with getting through Egyptian customs with a camera - then everything would be perfect. (G)

Underwater Digital Video Made Easy is a book that will take you from beginner through advanced underwater video skills. It is packed with practical, real world information from three underwater video professionals and includes the following chapters:
Camera Selection • Housing Selection • Accessories • Gear Set-Up • Shooting Topside in the Marine Environment • Shooting Underwater • Lighting Underwater • Travel • Maintenance • Editing • and much more!

Most of us don't want to be a motion picture director but just want to make home videos of our next diving vacation. Well, this book is the place to start! This is the most up-to-date book on the exciting world of underwater video.

In the book there are hints and techniques for underwater video that you won't find anywhere else. Each chapter includes useful tips based upon actual underwater video or film projects that have been shown in theaters, seen on television, or are available on DVD.

Authors Barsky, Milbrand, and Thurlow are all professional underwater cameramen with a combined total of over 37 years in the field of underwater video production.

In addition, there is the pleasure of seeing their beautiful and talented diving model, Kristine Barsky, the wife of one of the authors.

A sample chapter can be downloaded at this address:

Underwater Digital Video Made Easy, Sug. Retail Price $23.95
192 pages, over 150 photographs and illustrations
Written by Steven M. Barsky, Lance Milbrand,
and Mark Thurlow
ISBN Number: 0-9674305-5-0