Sunday, September 04, 2005

Job Bank for Displaced HBO/Diver Employees , Hurricane Katrina - from UHMS, Don Chandler

To all--

The UHMS and Reimers Systems, Inc. are joining forces to establish a temporary job bank for people in the fields we represent who will be displaced by the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. The idea came from conversations I have had over the past two days with Steve and Sunny of Reimers Systems. We are convinced that many hyperbaric facilities and diving companies will have lengthy down time while repairs are made and support services are re-established. In the meantime what happens to the valued CHRN's, CHT's and physicians who will be without employment during this down time?

As a professional society, I believe we should come to the aid of those who work in the fields we represent and offer temporary employment to those who will be displaced by this national disaster, even if that means temporarily overstaffing. Remember, the displaced hyperbaric facility employees will still have families to feed even though their usual place of employment is undergoing repair.

Consequently, I encourage those of you who staff hyperbaric facilities or diving companies to offer up some temporary positions that we can post on our website All we need is for you to send me the very basic information (e.g. Position: CHRN. Location: Anywhere USA. Telephone No. 555-555-5555. Contact Person: Ms. Anybody) We will post this information on our website where displaced employees in the fields of undersea and hyperbaric medicine can easily find it. From there it will be between those of you who offer the positions and the person seeking temporary employment. We will also do all we can to get the word out to places where the displaced employees can learn of your generosity. Reimers Systems, Inc. has already begun our listing with some positions they're willing to open as temporary employment. The UHMS will follow suit.

In my thinking, this is a wonderful way to contribute to the recovery from this national disaster. Please consider offering one, or more, positions.