Tuesday, September 06, 2005

From Paul Baker, re Hurricane Katrina

September 2, 2005

To All,

As all of you know by now some of the United States Coastal states are suffering from the effects of the largest natural disaster to ever occur there. New Orleans and surrounding parishes seem to be suffering the most. The Hurricane itself inflicted terrible damage to everything and everyone in it’s path and the ensuing floods in New Orleans has caused that city to call for a complete evacuation of all it’s residents. The US Government is trying to accomplish that task now.

The “home office” for the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology (NBDHMT) is located in Harvey, Louisiana, a parish on the West Bank of the Mississippi, adjacent to New Orleans. As one might expect all communication to that entire area has been interrupted and we do not know either the status of our employees there, Pauline Poletti and Melissa Frosch, or the status of our office. Every effort is being made to contact Pauline and Melissa at this time.

In the interim, the point of contact for the NBDHMT will be through my email address, pbaker@milx.net or cell phone at 1(210)215-8660. While all records are kept at the home office I will answer as many of your questions as I possibly can. I have no estimate as to when we will be able to reoccupy the office or access our records but we will get everything back up and running as soon as humanly possible. We do plan to conduct the CHT/CHRN examination presently scheduled during the Gulf Coast Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, FL. Since I do not have our records I have no knowledge of any other examinations scheduled.

Please bear with us during this terrible tragedy and join me in praying for Pauline and Melissa’s safety and all those affected by it.


Paul C. Baker, CHT
NBDHMT, President

NOTE: Sunday Evening, 9/4/05: I have just heard from Pauline and she is safe and dry in Baton Rouge. She reports that she has been told that they may not return to Harvey, LA (home office) for at least 30 days and then only if electricity and water has been restored. The condition of the office building is unknown. Please be patient.