Tuesday, September 06, 2005

From Don Chandler, UHMS Pres. - breaking news re Hurricane Katrina

To all--

We have had many inquiries about people who were employed in hyperbaric medicine facilities that are now damaged, under water, or otherwise put out of commission. We will pass information on as we get it. As you hear of people in our fields of medicine, please pass the info to me at: donchandler@uhms.org. Also, more jobs are coming in and we will be listing these on our website today. The following are some of what we have heard from our members:

1. Georgia Siebenaler and John Van Rynen (Associates - MidWest Chapter) are currently deployed with the FEMA Ohio-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) and want all to know they are well and working hard. Georgia said the devastation they have seen "...is beyond words..." and they have not been near the worst hit areas. Georgia and John are employed at the Toledo Hospital, Department of Hyperbaric Medicine.

2. Pauline Poletti of our NBDHMT is alive and well in Baton Rouge, as reported by Paul Baker in his letter I forwarded yesterday. We are still hoping for a good report from Melissa Frosch who also worked at the National Board...if any of you hear from her, please let me know.

3. Dr. Derek Gordon and family are OK. He was working at a hyperbaric facility in Chalmette, LA, that is now under twenty feet of water. I sent Derek a listing of five positions for HBO physicians that have been offered by some of our members.

4. The latest on Keith VanMeter is pasted below in an email I received from his wife, Mary. I am not at all surprised to know that Keith is riding in a military Hummer looking for someone to help.