Tuesday, September 20, 2005

From the DAN website: DocVikingo Is New Moderator for 'Scuba Clinic'

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DocVikingo Is New Moderator for 'Scuba Clinic'

DocVikingo, editor, writer and diver at large, is now the moderator for "The Scuba Clinic Forum,"a question-and-answer forum on Scubadoc.com.

"He will join our other moderators in helping me to keep ahead of the growing tasks of the web site, newsletter and the forum,: said Dr. Ernest Campbell, founder of Scuba-doc.com.

DocVikingo has written many articles about diving medical problems for multiple publications, including Undercurrent, Scuba Diving magazine and DAN's Alert Diver.

Several of Vikingo's articles on the scuba-doc.com website, including "Depression and Diving," "Safe Sea - Getting Nailed by Jellies" and a Scuba Board Thread about Teen Divers.

"I am continuously impressed by his breadth of knowledge and wise use of common-sense approaches to diving medical problems, said Dr. Campbell. "We are fortunate to have access to his expertise."

Register at Scuba Clinic and participate in the forum questions and answers by going to http://www.scuba-doc.com/.

Other moderators on the board include Drs. Jolie Bookspan, Allen Dekelboum, Martin Quigley, Ed Kay, Larry Stein, Bruce Miller, Bill Henss and Bill McNicoll.