Friday, August 05, 2005

Old Air in My Tank - Diving?

This may be a stupid question, I have not used my equipment for almost 7 years. I only use it in my work which is residential swimming pools. My last VIP was 7/98. My tank is still full, is this air still good and/or should I have it VIP and refilled? Will the tank need to be Hydro’d since it has been so long?

Second question is the regulator, again not used for 7yrs. “Scuba Pro” Should this also be checked out may it need to be re-built. Again, This is for leak checks in pools of no more than 10ft. and I have not had to need to use this equipment for all these years.

Please advise.

Answer by Stephen Barsky

Hello Diver:

Dr. Campbell asked me to respond to your questions.

I would recommend that you have the tank drained, inspected internally, hydroed and refilled.

There is probably nothing wrong with it, however, if there is active corrosion in the tank, this can deplete the oxygen inside the cylinder, which could be a problem. Tanks must be hydrostatically tested every five years, so your cylinder is definitely out of hydro.

Your regulator should also be serviced. Depending on how and where you stored your regulator, the o-rings may be very dry and/or cracked. This would cause the regulator to not perform properly.

While you're at it, you should have your BC inspected as well.

You'll be a lot more comfortable using your gear if you know it has been serviced and everything is operating correctly.

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