Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Free scuba diving short story available to read

Divers and anyone else interested in adventure fiction can now read a short story and get their fix for free.

Scuba Radio, a nationally-syndicated radio show, and Eric Douglas, author of Cayman Cowboys (, have teamed up to offer visitors to the Scuba Radio website ( the opportunity to download a new short story in four installments. The story, called Going Down With the Ship, is an adventure story set on a fictional key in the Florida Keys. It revolves around the sinking of a new artificial reef.

Scuba Radio’s organizer, Greg Holt said “This is a great opportunity for divers. I really enjoyed Eric’s book, Cayman Cowboys, when I read it earlier this summer. I gave it two fins up. Now our listeners will have the chance to read a short story he wrote for free.”

Holt is currently revising the Scuba Radio website and plans to offer Douglas’ story as a benefit to his loyal listeners.

The first installment of the story is now available on the Scuba Radio website. New installments will be available every two weeks afterward. The story is currently posted in the website’s Dive Blog feature.

Cayman Cowboys, Douglas’ novel, is a dive action adventure story set on Grand Cayman. Douglas is currently the training director for Divers Alert Network and has been diving for 15 years. Cayman Cowboys is his first novel. The book’s website is


Eric Douglas
Author, Cayman Cowboys