Sunday, July 24, 2005

UHMS Urgent Message to Members from Tom Workman

Dear UHMS Member,
I am sure you will recall that several notices have been sent to you regarding the importance of participating in the HOTA/Lewin Group survey on hyperbaric costs. As of earlier this week, only approximately 130 surveys had been submitted. We need at least 250 to insure a rock-solid analysis. So, we are far short of the goal.
Why is this important? CMS just released payment rates for 2006 (two weeks early) and the newly proposed rate is $91.42 per 30-minute increment. It is certainly good news that the rate did not decrease but this represents less than a 1% increase. That said, the down side is that it did not go up higher. There are those within the Lewin Group that feel we can justify perhaps an increase in the $20 per increment range, bringing reimbursement to a more appropriate amount of approximately $110-112 range per 30-minute increment. However, in order to give us the data to support this level, WE NEED TO HAVE YOUR INPUT!
If yo have not yet submitted your report to the Lewin Group, please do so before 1 Aug, a week from this coming Monday. Please fax your report to Stephanie Cameron at (703-269-5501). Make sure that you include ALL OF YOUR COSTS, such as portions of staff costs, management fees, supplies, etc. It does not take many of these extra charges to drive the rate up. Be thorough.
As I have said before, you have an opportunity to have a significant input to our future. Please do not relinquish that opportunity. We need as much data as possible.
For those of you who have already submitted your information, thank you. For those of you who have not yet done so, please accept my thanks in advance.
Tom Workman
Dir, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs
W.T. Workman, MS, CAsP, CHT
Director, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs
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