Monday, July 18, 2005

Question: Find "Divers Complete Guide to the Ear"?

In reading about the Frenzel method of equalization, I came across this

Frenzel equalization method
I am interested in learning the Frenzel method of equalizing, when one
forces the tongue toward the back of the throat while plugging the nose.
Please explain the technique to me in a manner that would be useful for
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Miami, Fla.

You'll want to refer to "The Diver's Complete Guide to the Ear" in which we
describe all the methods for equalizing your ears. The Frenzel maneuver
described by DAN is: "Adding air to the middle ear by closing the nose,
mouth and glottis voluntarily, then driving the tongue backward, which acts
as a piston to compress air into the nasal cavities and through the
eustachian tubes." In other words: Close your nostrils and the back of your
throat, and thrust your tongue against the soft palate. This gently forces
air through the eustachian tubes.

Where is the Guide available?

Canadian Diver

Answer:"Divers Complete Guide to the Ear" can be downloaded at this web site:

The article, written by John Francis with DAN, is well written and has with excellent diagrams.

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