Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Urgent Hyperbaric Cost Data, UHMS Letter

It would seem to me that everyone associated with hyperbaric medicine -
and that includes all divers - would be interested in assuring that the
treatment modality is maintained and funded properly. Here is a request
from Tom Workman about an urgent opportunity for the huperbaric industry to increase
their reimbursement.


"Dear UHMS Member, As you recall from a recent urgent email notification, the Society has been contacted by Sue DeSantis, Executive Director of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Association (HOTA) regarding an urgent opportunity. As you know, HOTA, along with legal counsel, consultants, and key Society personnel, have been working extremely hard over the past year with CMS to further delineate an appropriate and fair reimbursement rate for hyperbaric treatment. One of the primary factors which reflected very favorably on the hyperbaric community when we last jointly met with CMS was the number of facilities that reported their cost data on short-suspense survey that was distributed. Approximately 30% of the facilities billing for federal reimbursement during 2002-2003 participated -- resulting in the clear recognition of community working toward a common goal. This response was phenomenal.
We need your help again. The community continues to communicate with CMS on this issue and we have another opportunity to provide cost data to the Lewin Group for analysis. The CFO and Program Director of your facility should have received by now another survey requesting information regarding how you allocate your costs and charges. It is critical to our future that each and every one of you participate in this effort. We received responses from 30% of you last year.........we now need input from at least 60% of you! Yes, that is right, 60%! With your help, the Lewin Group can produce a more powerful analysis with these sorts of numbers. The stronger the case, the more likely we will receive a fair assessment and equitable resolution from CMS.
Please follow up with your Program Director and CFO to make sure that the survey was received. As a backup, please go to the UHMS website ( to download a copy. We need each facility to provide a quick turn on it and provide the necessary information no later than July 15, 2005. Submittal instructions will accompany the survey. Each of you can have a direct impact on our future by responding..........please make the time to do so.
Thank you for your attention to this most important effort.

Regards, Tom Workman"
W.T. Workman, MS, CAsP, CHT
Director, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Satellite Office
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