Monday, June 20, 2005

Press release about a Scuba Diving Book

Here is an interesting press release about a Scuba Diving Book written and offered by Eric Douglas, the Director of Training at DAN.

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Press Release

New dive adventure novel published

Diving adventure, action and beautiful locations come together in the new novel by Eric Douglas called Cayman Cowboys.

Set around Grand Cayman, the story follows photographer Mike Scott as he notices a series of unusual occurrences including the unexplained death of a girl, a protest of a new development and the systematic destruction of coral reefs. It all comes together when armed men warn him away from a dive site.

Investigating, he witnesses a specially-equipped submarine destroying the reef. Before he is able to report the destruction to the authorities, he and his dive buddy, Kelly, are kidnapped – along with Kelly’s girlfriend, Tanya. Friends rescue Mike and Tanya, but the kidnapper gets away with Kelly, taking him to an underwater diving bell to die.

From there, it is a race against time to save Kelly and bring down the greedy developer putting his own wealth before the beauty of the island and the welfare of the people.

Eric Douglas began diving in 1990 and became a dive instructor in 1998. He is currently the Training Director for Divers Alert Network in Durham, North Carolina, an international dive safety association. His duties with DAN include developing new first aid programs for divers and teaching scuba diving instructor trainers to teach them. Before going to work for DAN, Eric worked for PADI/DSAT, and served as the Assistant Editor of The Undersea Journal. Trained as a journalist, he has written and photographed thousands of stories and has traveled the world with his cameras in hand.

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