Thursday, January 20, 2005

DAN Creates Tsunami Web Portal


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DAN Unveils International Tsunami Relief Information Portal on Internet

Working in conjunction with its affiliates DAN Europe, DAN South East Asia-Pacific and DAN Southern Africa, DAN America unveiled Jan. 19 its new DAN International Tsunami Relief information portal.

The portal provides a coordinated response by DAN America and its international affiliates to the effects of the tsunamis in South and Southeast Asia in December and the efforts following it. It relays and consolidates news that affects DAN Members, diving and travel updates in the area, relief efforts, vital information, personal stories of some survivors and more. It may be found at a link from the home page of the DAN website,, or by directly going to

The page has seven basic links to other, more detailed pages on the following topics:
• About the Tsunami (the basic facts about the disaster, plus what a tsunami is);
• DAN Responds (medical services, insurance and assistance that DAN has, is and will be providing to its members in regard to the tragedy);
• Relief Efforts (reputable aid agencies where people may contribute, as well as details of a fund DAN Europe and DAN Southern Africa have to help the families of lost divers);
• Hotlines & Other Resources (phone and related contact information for all DAN affiliates, plus details regarding the tsunami’s aftermath from the U.S. State Department);
• Diving & Travel in Southeast Asia (updates on what areas are in operation or will be soon for divers and other tourists to enjoy);
• Divers’ Tsunami Stories (personal accounts DAN America has received from people who were there when it hit in Thailand and the Maldives); and
• Photo Gallery.

The portal will be updated periodically with information received from DAN affiliates worldwide. The general public as well as DAN Members are encouraged to check it regularly to get the latest details to the millions of people affected by this event and see how DAN as well as the international community at large tries to help them recover.