Friday, November 05, 2004

DAN News Release

Wesley Hyatt, at DAN has sent out the following news release:

"For more information on this press release, contact Wesley Hyatt, DAN Communications, at 1-800-446-2671 ext. 282 or email .

2004 DEMA Show Productive for DAN

The recently completed 2004 DEMA Show in Houston was a considerable success for Divers Alert Network (DAN). Final sales and attendance figures from the show regarding DAN’s participation are not available at present, but preliminary indications are that they were in line with expectations for the show.

“DAN goes to DEMA to support diving, to inform and educate all areas of the diving industry about DAN’s mission in helping divers, keeping them safe and learning about what happens to divers when they dive,” said Tony Bacci, Vice President, DAN Marketing and Business Development and DEMA Show attendee. “DEMA provides a forum for the Medical, Training, Research and Development departments of DAN to showcase their latest findings and developments on diving.”

“Although it is believed fewer conventioneers attended than last year, those who did visit the DAN booth were ready to do business and learn about the latest news and products related to dive safety and health,” said Steve Barnett, DAN Director ofMarketing and DEMA Show attendee.

Here are some show highlights reported by DAN departments:

• Business Membership: The DAN Business Membership Team had a very strong DEMA, as they met with more than 200 DAN Business Members. Two new programs were released at the show, the DAN Trip Insurance that can now be sold through dive centers and the DAN On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers course. Plus, DAN rolled out new products and an improved restocking program for the very popular Point-of-Purchase display.

• Training: The DAN Training team remained extremely busy during the 2004 DEMA Show, as more than 250 DAN Trainers, Instructors and those wishing to learn more about DAN Training programs participated in 24 training courses, seminars and orientations – more than 57 hours of training – conducted in Houston throughout the show. Two new programs released at the show, the DAN On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers course and the DAN Diving Emergency Specialist recognition program, were among the most popular with participants.

• Research: DAN Research met with 11 computer manufacturers. Most now incorporate the Dive Log-7 (DL-7) data format from DAN in their software to use as part of Project Dive Exploration (PDE), and many are working to make their computers PDE compatible. Several dive operators expressed interest in getting involved in PDE too. Some operations indicated they would like to be new data collection sites and / or new host sites for the DAN Research Internship Program. And Research staff presented three lectures on current research projects and some key issues in diving. Research made many important contacts at the show that will help build data collection efforts and bring some future funding to DAN.

• International: The fourth Latin America Forum for Latin American Business Members, Instructors and other Latin diving leaders included presentations on DAN’s progress and goals for Latin America from Chris Wachholz, International Vice President, and Elizabeth Carrasquillo, Latin America Coordinator. Dr. Cuauthémoc Sánchez updated issues involving the DAN Latin American Hotline. Hugo Marino, area representative for Venezuela, gave a presentation on his initial activity. DAN President and CEO Dr. Michael Curley met many of those present and announced Dr. Sánchez as the DAN America Award winner for promoting dive medicine and developing DAN’s Latin America Hotline. The Forum annually gives an opportunity to review DAN’s efforts in Latin America, promote professional networking, and explore how DAN and Latin dive leaders can work together better to improve dive safety in the region.

DAN thanks all vendors, trainers, instructors and other guests who took part in our activities in Houston. We look forward to seeing you again at future dive shows, including DEMA Show 2005 in Las Vegas next October."